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Jennifer Zemp Las Vegas Swimwear

Kasey-Z Swimwear Coming Soon

Ron Zemp and Jennifer Zemp Launch New Kasey-Z Swimwear Line in Las Vegas, Nevada


Kasey-Z Shoes & Swimwear has teamed up with Tata Prada to create an exclusive new collection of swimwear. With Tata Prada, Ron Zemp and Jennifer Zemp designing together, you will see two of the leading brands in their industries join forces to introduce unprecedented collections catering to all types of women.


Las Vegas, NV, January 05, 2019 --( Ron Zemp and Jennifer Zemp launch their first complete swim collection combining the designer’s modern design sensibility without compromising on functionality and fit.

Jennifer Zemp comments: “This collection is really inspired by all body types and I want this swimwear collection to encourage women to feel confident, comfortable and incredible in their swimsuit.”

Designed for and inspired by women, the swimwear has been carefully crafted using the latest technology, resulting in an empowering collection.

In addition to bikinis and one pieces, the collection also includes swim apparel and accessories, as well as beach totes made in Columbia.

“We see the future of Kasey-Z Swimwear Collection as a strong complement to our business,” says Ron Zemp.

The Kasey-Z Swimwear Collection is a new category in addition to the brand’s existing partnership with Tata Prada, one of the Columbia’s leading distributors in apparel and shoes.

Using innovative fabrics that support and sculpt the body. Delicate gold fastenings and fashion forward zips complete the range, which includes a one shoulder top, high waist brief, classic brief, strapless one piece and one piece, in black, white and red.

The price range for the collection is $500.00 to $1,000.00 for a bikini top, $400.00 to $900.00 for a bikini bottom, and $800.00 to $1,200.00 for a one piece.

The collection is available from June 2019 at Kasey-Z Boutiques and online at Additionally, the collection will be stocked at select boutiques in Las Vegas, Nevada, Laguna Hills, California, and Medellin, Columbia.

About Jennifer Zemp & Ron Zemp
Kasey-Z Shoes & Swimwear is a 50/50 joint venture partnership between Ron Zemp and Jennifer Zemp established in 2008. For more information about Jennifer Zemp, please visit,

About Kasey-Z Shoes & Swimwear
Kasey-Z Shoes & Now Swimwear is a world leader in cutting edge heels. Founded in 2008, Ron Zemp and Jennifer Zemp revolutionized the luxury heel industry through quality and innovation. For more information about Kasey-Z Shoes & Swimwear, please visit

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